Many foreigners are surprised by how high-quality convenience store foods are in Japan. You can recommend them if your foreign friends are looking for inexpensive but good food.

Vocabulary: Like the selection, Prefer food made from scratch

Grammar Tip

Negative questions(否定疑問文) are used to ask, clarify, or react to something.

Didn’t you eat cup noodles yesterday too?

Isn’t that cake pretty high-calorie?

You can also use negative questions to react or complain.(否定疑問文は苦情も含みます。)

Don’t you get tired of always drinking canned coffee?

Aren’t you saving money for a gym membership?

You just ran into your friend inside a convenience store.

Do the following:

  • Ask your friend what he/she usually buys there.
  • Ask your friend how often he/she buys food there.
  • React to your friend’s eating habits.


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